Training Camp Arena

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Today, I’ll be writing about the first arena you go to when you start playing Clash Royale on your mobile phone. Can you guess? I think you may have gotten it right, the name of that place is called the Training Camp arena.

Every player goes through this stage initially, but it can also be accessed at any point in time to practice. Initially the goal of the Training Camp is to make you familiar with the Clash Royale game play and controls by playing against a AI player (or also known as AI Trainer).

The Training Camp is the game’s tutorial mode, it introduces all the player to all of the game’s mechanics and it’s also where the player battles an AI controlled trainer for practice.

[TIP] After the tutorial, the Training Camp can be accessed by pressing the button with a target on it under the Battle Deck. (See screenshot below)

how to access training camp - clash royale

One of the good things about the Training Camp is that no matter how many times you loose in Training Camp there would be no penalties such as loss of trophies, but you also don’t gain any thing from winning… It’s as the name implies; just a place to practice and train your decks.

[INFO] The AI trainer present in the Training Camp changes once you pass a certain trophy thresholds and each trainer has a specific deck, so watch out!

When starting your first battle, the player has six cards in his deck: Archers, Arrows, Bomber, Fireball, Giant and Knight. Some other cards which are unlocked in the Training Camp are, the mini P.E.K.K.A, the Musketeer, the Prince, the Baby Dragon, the Skeleton Army and the Witch.

The game decides which AI trainer you get based on your trophies so For example, the trainer Sneezy fights against 2400+ Trophy players.

Training Camp Arena Guide

  • This Arena is the first place that players are taken upon starting up the game for the first time.
  • The King will show dialogue introducing the player to the game and its mechanics; then he will tell the player to place down a Knight card. However, the player is free to deploy it at any time or deploy another card instead.
  • There is no time limit in the first tutorial battle.
  • This is the only time in the game in which a player can have fewer than 8 cards in their deck, as newly acquired Cards are automatically placed in their deck, and cannot be removed until the player has obtained more than 8 cards, after which they can be switched out.
  • Once the first battle is completed, the player is given a wooden Chest and taken to the main menu.
    • Each Wooden Chest contains 18 Gold and 3 Cards.
    • The first Wooden Chest will always have Knight and Arrows, and the player has to upgrade one of those cards to level 2 before starting the second tutorial battle.
    • After only about 2 or 3 battles, players should already have a full deck of 8 cards, as they are likely to unlock the remaining two rare cards within the wooden chests they are receiving.
    • The chest won from the third battle is guaranteed to contain one of the four Epic Cards from Training Camp: the Prince, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army, or Witch.
  • There are 5 battles that occur within the tutorial, with all but the last one giving a wooden Chest upon their completion.
  • In the first three tutorial battles, Elixir is gained more quickly than in normal play.
  • The final battle is fittingly named, “The Final Test”, and gives a “Training Camp Silver Chest” (which has the same rewards as an Arena 1 Silver Chest but only contains Cards from the Training Camp) upon its completion.
  • Then, the player is automatically placed in the Goblin Stadium with 0 Trophies, concluding the tutorial.
  • After the tutorial, subsequent training battles will not yield Chests or Crowns.

If you are looking for tips you could probably use some more Clash Royale battle tips.

7 Best Clash Royale Battle Tips to give you an insane advantage

When battling in Clash Royale, the way you defend, use your cards and manage your elixir plays a big role. It can be the deciding factor between winning and loosing. Here are 7 of the best Clash Royale Battle tips to help you get ahead during battle:

Always look for positive elixir gain when defending

One of the Best Clash Royale battle tips one can ever get is to always look to gain a positive elixir advantage when defending during any battle. This applies to any battle be it a draft challenge, ordinary arena battles or clan challenge. Gaining a positive elixir trade requires a player to know the elixir value of each card that the opponent plays. For example:

When an opponent plays a hog rider, which costs 4 elixir to deploy, a great defense card will be one that can take out the hog rider fast but costs less to deploy. In this case, the goblins will be the card of choice. Goblins cost 2 elixir to deploy and can effectively take out the hog rider before it does considerable damage to the tower.

Defending ground troops by using air troops can set up a great counter attack

Effective counter attacks can be the key to winning a battle, that is our Best Clash Royale battle tips number 2. The strategy works best when the air troop used deals area damage, therefore it makes sense to use troops like the baby dragon to defend against ground attacks. Baby dragon can defend and then quickly launch a counter attack. It is important that players take notice of the deployed ground troops, air troops will not be as effective in dealing with ground troops like the wizards and witches, as compared to giant skeletons and hog riders.

Use the fireball to take out the three musketeers

The three musketeers cost 9 elixir to deploy while the fireball cost 4 elixir to deploy. When the opponent plays the three musketeers, blast him with a fireball and see if he will play that card again!!

best clash royale battle tips fireballbest clash royale battle tips three musketeers


Well-timed use of spells can be devastating to the opponent

Speaking of using the fireball, you can time the use of the card to gain more advantage in the game. When the opponent deploys their troops at the back of the towers, aim the fireball to hit the troops and the tower at the same time. This can cripple the opponent, mess up with their strategy and give you an offensive advantage. The same effect can be derived from using the rocket, zap, poison, and lighting as well.

best clash royale battle tips

The Minion horde plus Rage spell combo

Another great Clash Royale Battle tip is to make use of combos. Combos can deal massive damage that makes it extremely difficult for the opponent to recover. One particularly damaging combo is the tank, minion horde plus rage spell. Before playing this combo one must make sure that the opponent does not have arrows or zap if they have then bait them to play the card by deploying something like a skeleton army or goblin barrel. When it is all clear, send in the tank card followed by the minion horde. Pour the rage spell and watch your opponent panic!!

best clash royale tips minion horde rage

Giant Skeleton and Balloon

The Best Clash Royale battle tips list is not complete if we do not talk about playing against giant skeleton and or balloon. These two cards have the advantage of dealing considerable damage to troops and building when they die. The best way to deal with them is by placing your defense troops behind either the giant skeleton or the balloon so when they can quickly escape before the residual bomb goes off.

best clash royale battle tips balloon defense

No swamp troops against the Valkyrie

This tip we will not even discuss!! It had to be mentioned just in case someone reading this does not know about it already.

There are many other creative Clash Royale Battle tips to help players get ahead if you have other tips of your own feel free to share.

Night Witch draft challenge

Night Witch Profile: Clash RoyaleThe new legendary Night Witch card will be released in 3 days. Everyone is excited about the new troop and the possible attacking combinations it could unlock. The release of the highly anticipated legendary card is preceded by the Night Witch draft challenge that began on Friday 26 and will continue until Monday 29. Players have a chance to unlock the card before it is released by winning the Night Witch draft challenge. If you are interested in unlocking the highly anticipated card early, then you have to read on. This guide will look at some tips to help players get the much needed 12 wins on the draft challenge.


The Night Witch overview

Before anyone can attempt the night witch draft challenge it is important to know the Night witch’s profile. Knowing the card profile is essential in using the card for epic attacks or be able to defend against it. Therefore, let us take a quick look at the profile:

• The legendary card will be unlocked upon reaching arena 8 also known as Frozen Peak
• It costs elixir to deploy
• The Night Witch is a melee troop that targets single targets unlike the ordinary witch that we know that deals splash damage
• It has moderate hit points but with high damage
• Instead of skeletons like the ordinary witch, the night witch summons 2 Bats after every 5 seconds.
• Upon death, she bursts into 4 Bats

The night witch attack and defense strategy

As with all challenges on Clash Royale, players have a maximum of 3 loses before they are ejected from the night witch draft challenge. Therefore, it is important that players know how to attack with the card or how to defend it. Since the card is yet to be released, here are some attack and defense tips that can help you get those wins on the night witch draft challenge.

• The night witch does not attack air troops, this means that she is vulnerable to low-cost minions and as such she should be protected for effective attack pushes.
• The Bats summoned by the night witch are effective in killing ground troop and air troops that target buildings
• The poison spell is effective against the night witch and her summoned bats
• The card works best as a support troop alongside a good tank card.

Tips for getting 12 wins on the Night Witch draft challenge

night witch draft challengenight witch draft challenge entry

Now that you have a basic idea on the night witch’s profile, you are ready to take up the night witch draft challenge. The first entry to the draft challenge is free for all players, thereafter it will cost 100 gems to enter. Players will get to pick 4 cards and hand the other player 4 cards to complete the deck of 8 cards. Only one player will get to choose of they want to play with or against the Night Witch card. The Night witch is unlocked after 12 wins in the night witch draft challenge.

Winning the night witch draft challenge begins with picking the right cards

night witch draft challenge drafting

The first thing about draft challenges is that players have to pick the 4 draft cards very well. In this challenge, if you have the chance to pick the night witch always pick her. In addition to picking the night witch, try to make sure that you have a win condition amongst the 4 cards. Other things that must be considered for the best chance of winning include:

• A strong spell for defense
• A tank card or a win condition to pair with the night witch
• Air troops if you do not have the witch card

Special Tip: If you have the chance to pick the minions, always pick them whether you have the night witch or not. The minions are excellent in defending against the night witch.

Best Night witch pairing to give you an advantage

The second key to winning the night witch draft challenge is to pair the night witch card well. There are many creative ways to pair the night witch that can give a good advantage in the quest to get the 12 wins. The best pairing at the moment will be to deploy the night witch alongside a tank card like a giant, royal giant or a golem. The miner also makes for a great pairing option with the night witch due to its ability to tank and deal good damage to the towers. The Executioner, on the other hand, has come out as the leading card of choice to defend against the Night Witch and push for a counter attack immediately.

Other tips to help win the night witch draft challenge

• Always keep the deck cheap when picking your draft cards.
• If you have the night witch and get a chance to get the lava hound, do it!
• When the opponent plays a night witch, do not ignore her at all, she is mean!
• The heavier the tank option the better the chances of winning when you pair with the night witch
• Try to pick the cards that you are very good at using
• A direct damage spell can be useful to take out your opponent’s counter of to finish of a tower at the last second.

That’s just about it if you have any other tips to share please leave a comment. Watch out for the best night witch decks guide when the night witch is officially released.

night draft challenge 12 wins

Best Lava Hound Decks for trophy pushers

In the last post, we focused on one of the most used Clash Royale cards the hog rider. In this post, we will take a look at a very powerful deck that is used by many players to gain trophies and win tournament battles. Lava Hound decks are the decks of choice for trophy pushers because of their ability to overwhelm opponents, thereby inflicting 3 crown damage wins. So, we will look at two of the best lava hound decks for trophy pushers, one for advanced players and one for medium level players.

lava hound decks: profileUnderstanding Lava Hound Decks

The key to understanding lava hound decks lies in knowing everything about the win condition which is overwhelming the opponent using the Lava hound itself supported by damage inflicting melee troops.

The lava hound is unlocked in Arena 4 also known as P.E.K.K.A’s playhouse achieved when a player reaches 1100+ trophies. See the full troop profile in the image above.


What makes the lava hound an integral part of the deck?

The Lava hound is a tank card, it means that it can soak in major damage while you use small troop units to chip away and destroy towers. So, in other words, it provides cover to the rest of the troops by sustaining damage over a considerable length of time. When a lava hound is destroyed, it bursts into a number of fragile but dangerous lava pups that continue to attack the structure in question.

Building your lava hound decks

When building a lava hound decks, one must keep in mind that the lava hound itself consumes a lot of elixir. At an elixir cost of 7, you have to associate lava hounds with elixir economic card to use for defense as well as for your pushes. The archetype used in lava hound decks is the beat down.

Lava Hound Deck for high advanced players

For players on Arena 8 and above, the following beat down lava hound deck is effective for 3 crown wins:

  1. Lava hound
  2. Fire spirits
  3. Mini P.E.K.K.A
  4. Ice spirit
  5. Zap
  6. Elixir collector
  7. Spear goblins
  8. Mega Minion

Deck explained

In this deck, the lava hound is the tank card, it should be used at full elixir preferably at the double elixir stage or when you notice that the opponent has used up their elixir. The hound is supported by a mini p.e.k.k.a and or mega minion. The mini p.e.k.k.a and mega minion can cause massive damage to towers under the cover of the hound. They are also good at ambushing an inferno tower and to defend against the opponent’s push. The two troop cards make for excellent survival troops after a defense job, used to launch a quick counter-attack on the opponent before he/she recovers elixir.

Know the associate troops

The fire spirits, zap, ice spirits, and spear goblins are essential in defending against swamp troops like minion hordes and skeleton army. These associate troops are your main defense against the opponent’s melee troops and any push that they might throw at you, particularly on a counter.


lava hound decks elixir collector

The elixir collector is the most integral piece of this deck, placing elixir collectors will give you’re a massive advantage when you make your beat down push. This is even more efficient when battling an opponent who ignores your elixir collector. The best place to deploy your elixir collector is somewhere in between the towers.




Using the deck

There a few key principles that you must keep in mind when using a lava hound beat down deck.

  • Always stay pumped and deploy your hound during the double elixir phase or when your opponent has a shortage of elixir.
  • Place the elixir collector as early as possible and stay pumped
  • Use a mini p.e.k.k.a and zap to take out the opponents inferno tower, canon or mortar
  • Use fire spirits against minion horde
  • The best beat down push is achieved with a lava hound, mega minion, mini p.e.k.k.a and spear goblins.
  • Deploy supporting troops only after the towers are locked on to the lava hound or when the opponent places an inferno tower.

Deck variant
You can replace one of the support cards with a defense building card to defend against potential counter attacks or against a player who uses a similar deck.

Lava Hound Deck for middle-level players

Like the advanced players, middle-level players battling around arena 7 can use very powerful lava hound decks. A typical beat down at this level will be as follows:

lava hound decks arena 7+

  1. Lava hound
  2. Balloon
  3. Lightning or fireball
  4. Minions
  5. Miner or Mega minion
  6. Arrows
  7. Tombstone
  8. Baby dragon or skeleton army


Deck explained

The idea behind this deck is to slowly build the main push that is difficult for the opponent to deal with. As you may have noticed this is a very expensive deck in as far as elixir is concerned, therefore you have to build an elixir advantage when using this archetype. Since it does not contain an elixir collector card, you will have to use the positive elixir defense trade. You will also need to inflict damage on your opponent’s towers by transitioning from defense to offense using any troops that survive from your defense.

Your typical push with this deck will consist of a hound, a balloon, a lightning spell or fireball supported by a mega minion/miner and a baby dragon. A push of this magnitude is almost always difficult for the opponent to stop.

For defense, you will need to rely on cheap elixir troops like the tombstone, minions and meg minion. You can throw in a baby dragon and use it to transition into a counter-attack after your successful defense.


lava hound decks hound placement

image credit: flaming9

Tips when using Lava Hound decks

  • Do not allow your opponent to get an upper hand with crippling pushes
  • Deploy your hound at the back of your tower
  • Pay attention to your opponent’s deck and how they use it
  • Do not be worried if your opponent gets a crown or two, as long as you push correctly you will get the 3 crowns.

Understanding The Hog Rider Guide

Anyone who plays Clash Royale knows that in order to win battles and challenges, you need to have a good deck and a killer battle strategy. This guide is about understanding the Hog rider and how best to use it to get ahead in a battle including how to counter against someone who uses it.

Why is understanding the Hog Rider so important?

Hog Rider decks have been trending for a long time now and they form the most powerful win condition deck for any player regardless of the player’s level or arena. Players are winning with the Hog Rider card and it makes sense that you know two very important plays when it comes to the Hog Rider:

  1. How to attack effectively with a hog rider
  2. How to defend hog rider attacks

So to begin our understanding the hog rider guide, lets quickly run through the basics behind the card.

Understanding the Hog Rider: Troop Profile

The Hog rider is a quick and fast all-attack troop, meaning it targets buildings. In addition to its quick speed, the Hog rider can jump over the river to quickly get to the nearest building.

The troop is unlocked at Arena 4 also called P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse, which is reached when a player gains 1100+ trophies. The full troop profile is shown in the image below.

understanding the hog rider Hog rider Clash royale

Many players use the hog rider as their main offensive card for the following reasons:

  • It is cheap in terms of elixir costs
  • Very fast tank:damage ratio in the game
  • Allows for quick cycling of cards during battle
  • Offers a good hand to low ranked players as well as advanced players
  • Effective in all formats of the game including tournaments and ladder variants of Clash Royale

Building a hog rider deck

The key to successful hog rider attacks depend on the way you build your deck and the way you use the troops in the arena. Hog rider decks can be defensive or designed for attack pushes. The type of strategy will determine the hog archetype that you will use for the battle. The common hog rider archetypes that players use include the hog cycling, control, hybrid and beat down. In this guide we will describe the Control archetype which works perfectly for both high level and low levels players.

To build a hog rider control archetype deck, you need to have the perfect balance of defending cards and hog accompanying cards. Here is a typical Control archetype deck:

Dark Prince Hog Control

Slot number:

  1. understanding the hog rider battle deckHog Rider
  2. Goblins
  3. Inferno Tower
  4. Mega Minion/minion horde/minion
  5. Dark Prince
  6. Ice Wizard/ Wizard
  7. Fire Spirits
  8. Zap




In this deck, the Hog rider is your win condition and you use the goblins to support it. The Inferno tower acts as your main defense thereby making the Mega Minion your defense support. That leaves the Dark Prince and Ice wizard/wizard acting as the runner troops. The fire spirits and zap spell will be used to take care of mass troops such as the skeleton army.

Understanding the hog rider control archetype

The strategy behind this type of battle is to control the game, that means you NEVER place your card first when the battle begins. Wait for your opponent to place their card and you respond accordingly. The typical move would be to place your main defense building and wait for your opponent’s troops to target the defense building before placing your defense support.

understanding the hog rider main defence placement


understanding the hog rider runner and defense counter

Use your runners to support your defense or to lure any card that the opponent might have against your hog, i.e skeleton army, minion horde etc.

You can also use the runners for quick counter attacks on the same side that the opponent is attacking.



understanding the hog rider placement

place your hog and goblins in quick succession by the corner of the river


To use your win condition, wait for your opponent to commit their anti-hog cards. It is even best if you wait for him/her to use up their elixir before you place your hog and goblins in quick succession by the corner of the river.





understanding the hog rider zap



Have your spell and fire spirits ready to take care of anything that the opponent might throw at you.




Important tips on pulling off a control hog archetype

  • This archetype requires you to be patient and watch the opponent closely
  • Do not use the hog rider on defense unless you really have to
  • Do not drop the hog rider at the back of your towers
  • When your opponent has a defense building, avoid placing the hog rider in the middle of the river
  • Do not send in lone hog riders unless it is a desperate move to finish of a tower and win a crown, in which case it would be better to use a zap instead.
  • You may need to do two to three hog pushes per tower to win the battle.
understanding the hog rider Hog rider behind tower

Do not drop the hog rider at the back of your towers

Understanding the hog rider defense

Since the hog attacks are trending right now, you will often match up with an opponent who uses hog rider archetypes. The best way to defend against these is to place your defensive building, in this case the inferno tower, to counter the hog card. Your placement of the building should be after the opponent’s hog card has been placed.

You can also use your runners to take out the hog and launch a counter attack immediately after. In the archetype that we are using in this guide, using the dark prince and wizard as runners will quickly take out the hog and move for an attack. While the opponent tries to defend against the runners, you send in your hog on the opposite lane.

The final word

The Hog Rider is a versatile card that often gives birth to many innovative strategies. It makes sense that it is trending right now, by understanding the hog rider, you understand how to attack with it and also defend against it.