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Night Witch Profile: Clash RoyaleThe new legendary Night Witch card will be released in 3 days. Everyone is excited about the new troop and the possible attacking combinations it could unlock. The release of the highly anticipated legendary card is preceded by the Night Witch draft challenge that began on Friday 26 and will continue until Monday 29. Players have a chance to unlock the card before it is released by winning the Night Witch draft challenge. If you are interested in unlocking the highly anticipated card early, then you have to read on. This guide will look at some tips to help players get the much needed 12 wins on the draft challenge.


The Night Witch overview

Before anyone can attempt the night witch draft challenge it is important to know the Night witch’s profile. Knowing the card profile is essential in using the card for epic attacks or be able to defend against it. Therefore, let us take a quick look at the profile:

• The legendary card will be unlocked upon reaching arena 8 also known as Frozen Peak
• It costs elixir to deploy
• The Night Witch is a melee troop that targets single targets unlike the ordinary witch that we know that deals splash damage
• It has moderate hit points but with high damage
• Instead of skeletons like the ordinary witch, the night witch summons 2 Bats after every 5 seconds.
• Upon death, she bursts into 4 Bats

The night witch attack and defense strategy

As with all challenges on Clash Royale, players have a maximum of 3 loses before they are ejected from the night witch draft challenge. Therefore, it is important that players know how to attack with the card or how to defend it. Since the card is yet to be released, here are some attack and defense tips that can help you get those wins on the night witch draft challenge.

• The night witch does not attack air troops, this means that she is vulnerable to low-cost minions and as such she should be protected for effective attack pushes.
• The Bats summoned by the night witch are effective in killing ground troop and air troops that target buildings
• The poison spell is effective against the night witch and her summoned bats
• The card works best as a support troop alongside a good tank card.

Tips for getting 12 wins on the Night Witch draft challenge

night witch draft challengenight witch draft challenge entry

Now that you have a basic idea on the night witch’s profile, you are ready to take up the night witch draft challenge. The first entry to the draft challenge is free for all players, thereafter it will cost 100 gems to enter. Players will get to pick 4 cards and hand the other player 4 cards to complete the deck of 8 cards. Only one player will get to choose of they want to play with or against the Night Witch card. The Night witch is unlocked after 12 wins in the night witch draft challenge.

Winning the night witch draft challenge begins with picking the right cards

night witch draft challenge drafting

The first thing about draft challenges is that players have to pick the 4 draft cards very well. In this challenge, if you have the chance to pick the night witch always pick her. In addition to picking the night witch, try to make sure that you have a win condition amongst the 4 cards. Other things that must be considered for the best chance of winning include:

• A strong spell for defense
• A tank card or a win condition to pair with the night witch
• Air troops if you do not have the witch card

Special Tip: If you have the chance to pick the minions, always pick them whether you have the night witch or not. The minions are excellent in defending against the night witch.

Best Night witch pairing to give you an advantage

The second key to winning the night witch draft challenge is to pair the night witch card well. There are many creative ways to pair the night witch that can give a good advantage in the quest to get the 12 wins. The best pairing at the moment will be to deploy the night witch alongside a tank card like a giant, royal giant or a golem. The miner also makes for a great pairing option with the night witch due to its ability to tank and deal good damage to the towers. The Executioner, on the other hand, has come out as the leading card of choice to defend against the Night Witch and push for a counter attack immediately.

Other tips to help win the night witch draft challenge

• Always keep the deck cheap when picking your draft cards.
• If you have the night witch and get a chance to get the lava hound, do it!
• When the opponent plays a night witch, do not ignore her at all, she is mean!
• The heavier the tank option the better the chances of winning when you pair with the night witch
• Try to pick the cards that you are very good at using
• A direct damage spell can be useful to take out your opponent’s counter of to finish of a tower at the last second.

That’s just about it if you have any other tips to share please leave a comment. Watch out for the best night witch decks guide when the night witch is officially released.

night draft challenge 12 wins

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