Training Camp Arena

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Today, I’ll be writing about the first arena you go to when you start playing Clash Royale on your mobile phone. Can you guess? I think you may have gotten it right, the name of that place is called the Training Camp arena.

Every player goes through this stage initially, but it can also be accessed at any point in time to practice. Initially the goal of the Training Camp is to make you familiar with the Clash Royale game play and controls by playing against a AI player (or also known as AI Trainer).

The Training Camp is the game’s tutorial mode, it introduces all the player to all of the game’s mechanics and it’s also where the player battles an AI controlled trainer for practice.

[TIP] After the tutorial, the Training Camp can be accessed by pressing the button with a target on it under the Battle Deck. (See screenshot below)

how to access training camp - clash royale

One of the good things about the Training Camp is that no matter how many times you loose in Training Camp there would be no penalties such as loss of trophies, but you also don’t gain any thing from winning… It’s as the name implies; just a place to practice and train your decks.

[INFO] The AI trainer present in the Training Camp changes once you pass a certain trophy thresholds and each trainer has a specific deck, so watch out!

When starting your first battle, the player has six cards in his deck: Archers, Arrows, Bomber, Fireball, Giant and Knight. Some other cards which are unlocked in the Training Camp are, the mini P.E.K.K.A, the Musketeer, the Prince, the Baby Dragon, the Skeleton Army and the Witch.

The game decides which AI trainer you get based on your trophies so For example, the trainer Sneezy fights against 2400+ Trophy players.

Training Camp Arena Guide

  • This Arena is the first place that players are taken upon starting up the game for the first time.
  • The King will show dialogue introducing the player to the game and its mechanics; then he will tell the player to place down a Knight card. However, the player is free to deploy it at any time or deploy another card instead.
  • There is no time limit in the first tutorial battle.
  • This is the only time in the game in which a player can have fewer than 8 cards in their deck, as newly acquired Cards are automatically placed in their deck, and cannot be removed until the player has obtained more than 8 cards, after which they can be switched out.
  • Once the first battle is completed, the player is given a wooden Chest and taken to the main menu.
    • Each Wooden Chest contains 18 Gold and 3 Cards.
    • The first Wooden Chest will always have Knight and Arrows, and the player has to upgrade one of those cards to level 2 before starting the second tutorial battle.
    • After only about 2 or 3 battles, players should already have a full deck of 8 cards, as they are likely to unlock the remaining two rare cards within the wooden chests they are receiving.
    • The chest won from the third battle is guaranteed to contain one of the four Epic Cards from Training Camp: the Prince, Baby Dragon, Skeleton Army, or Witch.
  • There are 5 battles that occur within the tutorial, with all but the last one giving a wooden Chest upon their completion.
  • In the first three tutorial battles, Elixir is gained more quickly than in normal play.
  • The final battle is fittingly named, “The Final Test”, and gives a “Training Camp Silver Chest” (which has the same rewards as an Arena 1 Silver Chest but only contains Cards from the Training Camp) upon its completion.
  • Then, the player is automatically placed in the Goblin Stadium with 0 Trophies, concluding the tutorial.
  • After the tutorial, subsequent training battles will not yield Chests or Crowns.

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