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For a few of us, Clash Royale is more than just mobile game. The morning starts, and the first thing you’re doing is putting new chests on to unlock.

Next, during my work hours, I play a battle-or-two every now and then. Quite literally, a major part of the game-play goes into the research and things like why exactly I lost 200 trophies in a sequence? Yet again, I had a winning streak just yesterday! Yay..

The quest may involve searching for the best clash royale guides, or relevant strategies. Eventually, nothing seems relevant unless you draw a new strategy.

Every night, I battle for an hour or so, bunching the horde of coins from the beautiful victories. Here, I would like to share some of those clash royale strategies with you.

Clash Royale Hog Rider Card

The Hog Rider is one of the most popular cards when writing a Clash Royale Guide. Well, the guy can jump rivers, pack a punch, and take a hit, even against the skeleton army. However, a good, alternative deck is quite necessary when playing with the Hog Rider card.

One good combination is the Miner (Elixir: 3) and the Hog Rider (Elixir: 4). This combination ensures a powerful punch with 3 elixirs at the store, for using arrows or attacking the other tower.

Here, I outline my favorite strategy to use these cards and different points of view for the deck.

1. Defense

Clash Royale Guide and Clash Royale TipsDefense is quite crucial to any clash royale strategy and becomes quite more important in the higher arenas. I like using bowler as my tank and defense card. It helps sweep ground troops easily, while can withstand all the wizards in the game. It is equally effective against the skeleton army too.

I prefer keeping arrows in almost every deck, as it wipes out small troops in a large area. Quite noticeably, if you get the timing right against skeletons or minion horde, your hog rider can deal about 1200-1600 damage to the enemy tower. This damage, my friend, can change the course of the game!

Inferno! Well, how did I miss that? If you look for best clash royale guides, a majority of them will have Inferno as their primary defense. Be it the Giant, Pekka, Royal Giant, or the Skeleton Giant, no tank can stand against an inferno. Sum it up with a goblin gang or skeleton, and you have an impenetrable defense!

2. Attack

Here comes the best part of my clash royale tips, Attack! Driving back to the point, I have a personal liking for offensive decks, with a steady defense. A majority of my decks are designed around Hog Rider, Miner, and Goblin Gang. I am not a fan of the Royal Giant though. It cost 6 Elixir and can’t withstand a cannon.

Here is one of my favorite clash royale deck

Clash Royale Guide: Decks and Strategy with Hog Rider

Initially, I launch a princess and let my elixir be 10. Quite at times, my princess dies, and well, that’s the point when I have a chance! Just push the miner to the enemy tower, and launch the hog rider a second later. Low on elixir, the opponent will launch a wizard or skeleton army.

The wizard, in this case, will hit the miner while the hog rider banks a majority of the hit-points. Just in case, it’s the skeleton army put the arrows through. However, timing and elixir are quite crucial, and if done effectively, can get you a tower at the first attack.

Clash Royale Guide: Hog Rider with Miner GameplayI use the Miner card to sustain my low hit-point cards, like the princess or mega minion. Well, it alone gets me the tower at times. The princess is an effective card if you need 150 hit points, or so. With a single hit, it wipes out skeleton army. It is a suitable option against the minion horde, dealing damage to every troop in the range. She sure does light up the arena!

The Hog Rider card is unique in every aspect and can be used with tank cards, like lava hound or golem too. Once, the tower starts hitting the tank card, I launch my hog rider alternatively, and yes, the distraction works! While my smart opponent thinks he is defending the primary attack, my Hog Rider clears the path for a sweet victory.

“Let the voice of the Hog Rider echo in the Arena!”

This clash royale guide was contributed by Saksham S.


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