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7 Best Clash Royale Battle Tips to give you an insane advantage

When battling in Clash Royale, the way you defend, use your cards and manage your elixir plays a big role. It can be the deciding factor between winning and loosing. Here are 7 of the best Clash Royale Battle tips to help you get ahead during battle:

Always look for positive elixir gain when defending

One of the Best Clash Royale battle tips one can ever get is to always look to gain a positive elixir advantage when defending during any battle. This applies to any battle be it a draft challenge, ordinary arena battles or clan challenge. Gaining a positive elixir trade requires a player to know the elixir value of each card that the opponent plays. For example:

When an opponent plays a hog rider, which costs 4 elixir to deploy, a great defense card will be one that can take out the hog rider fast but costs less to deploy. In this case, the goblins will be the card of choice. Goblins cost 2 elixir to deploy and can effectively take out the hog rider before it does considerable damage to the tower.

Defending ground troops by using air troops can set up a great counter attack

Effective counter attacks can be the key to winning a battle, that is our Best Clash Royale battle tips number 2. The strategy works best when the air troop used deals area damage, therefore it makes sense to use troops like the baby dragon to defend against ground attacks. Baby dragon can defend and then quickly launch a counter attack. It is important that players take notice of the deployed ground troops, air troops will not be as effective in dealing with ground troops like the wizards and witches, as compared to giant skeletons and hog riders.

Use the fireball to take out the three musketeers

The three musketeers cost 9 elixir to deploy while the fireball cost 4 elixir to deploy. When the opponent plays the three musketeers, blast him with a fireball and see if he will play that card again!!

Well-timed use of spells can be devastating to the opponent

Speaking of using the fireball, you can time the use of the card to gain more advantage in the game. When the opponent deploys their troops at the back of the towers, aim the fireball to hit the troops and the tower at the same time. This can cripple the opponent, mess up with their strategy and give you an offensive advantage. The same effect can be derived from using the rocket, zap, poison, and lighting as well.

The Minion horde plus Rage spell combo

Another great Clash Royale Battle tip is to make use of combos. Combos can deal massive damage that makes it extremely difficult for the opponent to recover. One particularly damaging combo is the tank, minion horde plus rage spell. Before playing this combo one must make sure that the opponent does not have arrows or zap if they have then bait them to play the card by deploying something like a skeleton army or goblin barrel. When it is all clear, send in the tank card followed by the minion horde. Pour the rage spell and watch your opponent panic!!

Giant Skeleton and Balloon

The Best Clash Royale battle tips list is not complete if we do not talk about playing against giant skeleton and or balloon. These two cards have the advantage of dealing considerable damage to troops and building when they die. The best way to deal with them is by placing your defense troops behind either the giant skeleton or the balloon so when they can quickly escape before the residual bomb goes off.

No swamp troops against the Valkyrie

This tip we will not even discuss!! It had to be mentioned just in case someone reading this does not know about it already.

There are many other creative Clash Royale Battle tips to help players get ahead if you have other tips of your own feel free to share.

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